Definition of a securitisation

A securitisation transaction is a limited number of tradable and / or non-tradable assets that are transferred by a transferor to a dedicated securitisation vehicle, (respectively a compartment). In return, the compartment issues the corresponding security (in the form of shares, bonds, loans or profit participation rights).

The value of the security is determined solely by the underlying assets and the payments and income received (such as interest, dividends, rent, charter rates, etc.) that the asset deposited owes the Compartment.

Analysis of customer requirements

The individual requests of our institutional clients serve as a profound basis for our cooperation. Together with our clients, we analyse the key terms and conditions of the securitisation and the timing of the transaction. Based on these agreements, we take over the creation and establishment of the compartment.

In addition, we have the necessary and organisational prerequisites to perform the entire administration services.